The Day You Know You’re a Farmer

Even if you’ve spent months and years cultivating and planting, harvesting and shearing, or canning and pickling you may not quite feel like a farmer. Pulling weeds, shoveling manure, and enjoying a dew-filled morning in the pasture may still not lead to thoughts of “yep, I’m a farmer.”

And, truth be told, there’s some contention within “the field” of what it really means to be a farmer (who is and who isn’t). Are urban gardeners farmers? Are homesteaders farmers? Or are only big commodity producers farmers?

I’m not here to settle the debate (although I certainly have an opinion). Just offer a little levity into the mix.

I recently found a quiz that helped remove all doubt for me! My son, in all his time spent gaming online, found a fun little quiz that he wanted me to take. Sure, why not? It’s called:

Which Interstellar Personality Are You?

The Quiz

There are only 8 questions, so I thought I’d repeat them for you here:

How do you feed your family after your crops fail?
– Steal food and supplies from my neighbors.
– Adapt my crops, allowing for growth in current conditions.
– Bioengineer more resilient crops.
– Search for an oasis elsewhere.
– Create your own environment by constructing a hydroponics greenhouse.

You find a crashed drone…
– Sell the parts for food.
– Repurpose its solar panels.
– Hack it and use it to gather environmental data.
– Convert it into a spacecraft and fly it around.
– Learn how it works so you can build more.

You’re leaving Earth. What do you take with you?
– Weapons.
– Seeds.
– Human embryos.
– Maps and navigational tools.
– Building tools.

Which planet sounds most up your alley?
– Earth is just fine, thank you very much.
– A world with fertile and rich soil.
– A world with abundant wildlife.
– Any large and unexplored planet will do.
– A space station works for me.

You encounter a dangerous alien on a distant planet. How do you proceed?
– Shoot to kill.
– Make sure your crops are safe.
– Capture it — alive — and study it.
– Escape and go elsewhere.
– Build an ultrasonic fence to keep it — and anything like it — out of your hair.

What do you expect to find on the other end of a wormhole?
– Extraterrestrial monstrosities. Lots of them.
– A bounty of endless delights.
– Answers to humanity’s most vexing questions.
– Endless space — and endless opportunity.
– Resources.

Space is getting to one of your crewmates and they threaten to betray the rest of the crew and compromise the mission. How do you proceed?
– Isn’t it obvious? Throw them into space.
– Refuse to share your food with them.
– Try to reason with them.
– Drop them off on the far end of a habitable planet and let them fend for themselves.
– Construct a makeshift cell and keep him captive until the mission is over.

You’ve successfully established a colony on an Earth-like exoplanet. What’s next?
– It’s everyone for themselves. Time to scavenge and establish dominance.
– Help provide essentials, like food and water, for the burgeoning colony.
– Study the new environment.
– Your work here is done. It’s time to find another one.
– Help develop the colony’s infrastructure.

The Results, Please

Lo and behold my answer was:



No kidding!

My son’s answer? Mathematician. Not surprising considering he loves math, computers, robotics, and science (he’s headed for engineering someday).

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